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Inland Revenue Wills & Administrations 1828-1879.

The collection contains indexes for the years (1828-1879), with surviving registers for 1828-1839 that contain extracts from the original documents. Most original documents were destroyed in 1922 when the Irish Public Record Office was blown up.

The following is the information contained in the records. The first three appear in both the indexes and registers, but the registers include more information:

Name and address of deceased
Name and address of executor or administrator
Court where probate was granted
Date of death
Date of will
Relationship of executor/administrator to the deceased
Value of estate
Description/inventory of the estate (occasional)
Names of beneficiaries (occasional).

96 entries include the keyword Canada.

Ireland Calendars of Wills & Administration 1858-1965 is updated with a further 591,011 transcriptions for three northern registries of Armagh, Belfast and Londonderry (Derry) up to 1965.
The detail varies from will to will, you’ll normally find the name of the deceased and their death date, the names of any beneficiaries and the county.

922 entries include the keyword Canada, 24 the word Ottawa.

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