Advance Notice: 4th Annual 24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon

Hosted by and MyHeritage, the free marathon will begin on Thursday, 13 April at 5pm EDT  and end on Friday, 14 April at 6pm EDT.

You may know some of the speakers — Michelle Leonard, Daniel Horowitz, Paul Milner, Janice Nickerson, Melvin J. Collier, Thomas MacEntee, Gena Philibert-Ortega, Michelle Patient, Fiona Brooker, Kinga Urbanska, Fran Kitto, Helen V. Smith, Shauna Hicks, Andrea Bentschneider, Zbigniew Stettner, Natalie Bodle, Judy G. Russell, Nicka Smith, Lisa A. Alzo, Jill Morelli, Ugo Perego, Michael D. Lacopo, J. Mark Lowe, Cyndi Ingle, Elizabeth Shown Mills.

More here.

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