MyHeritage adds 1926 and 1936 Paris Census

The 1926 Paris, France census, with 2,803,687 records which became available on MyHeritage on 26 March, includes 749 people born in Canada, 599 from Ireland (Irlande, ou Eire) and 14,022 from Royaume-Uni (UK).

The 2,666,857 in the 1936 Paris census include 514 born in Canada, 424 for Ireland, and 8,003 from the UK.

Searches return transcriptions with name, gender, birth year, birthplace, and residence with possible mention of other family members in the residence.

Each entry is linked to an image of the original record, displayed below the transcript, with additional information. You may not see it. If so click on the arrow to advance the image, then back and it will likely appear.

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