Ancestry updates Alberta and Collections

Now available on Ancestry, the annual update to collections from the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

Alberta, Canada, Births Index, 1870-1900, 12,493 records
Alberta, Canada, Marriages Index, 1898-1944, 414,893 records
Alberta, Canada, Deaths Index, 1870-1970, 622,259 records

The index provides Name, Death Date, Death Place: and Registration Number. Digital copies of the actual registration may be ordered from the Provincial Archives for email delivery for $5.25.

Also amongst a slew of other additions,  updates to information extracted from marriage announcements found on™ 

U.S.,™ Marriage Index, 1800s-current, 302,448,403 records
Australia and New Zealand,™ Marriage Index, 1800s-current, 713,187 records
Canada,™ Marriage Index, 1800s-current, 8,573,724 records
UK and Ireland,™ Marriage Index, 1800s-current, 7,442,038 records.

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