Deceased Online augments Reading records

Records for Henley Road Cemetery and Reading Crematorium within its grounds, dating from 1927, are now available to view on . The data comprises digital scans of the original burial and cremation registers up to 1993, with computerized information thereafter, and grave details for each of the graves and their occupants.

Reading records now available on Deceased Online are:

  • Hemdean Road Cemetery – 7,311 records from 1877 to 2016 (Originally known as Caversham Cemetery)
  • Henley Road Cemetery – 48,583 records from 1927 to 2018
  • Reading Old Cemetery – 75,725 records from 1843 to 2017
  • Reading Crematorium – 132,942 records from 1932 to 2018

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  1. Thank you for this.
    Deceased Online are really putting together quite a collection and should not be overlooked when searching for burials of our ancestors.

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