Genealogical research better than recording results?

” … researching genealogical records (e.g., examining census records) is associated with greater self-esteem and reduced anxiety but that posting memories about families and expanding one’s family tree do not have the same relation with measures of psychological well-being.”

This is from the article Improving Psychological Well-Being of Young Adults by Conducting Family History Research at a Religious University (BrighamYoung University) published in The Journal of Genealogy and Family History

2 Replies to “Genealogical research better than recording results?”

  1. It’s comon, especially when you start off on your research, to get so excited at some results that you plow ahead at high speed and don’t take special care to record it properly. This usually means that you spend a ridiculous amount of time re-doing research from the same source again.

    I am guilty of this. Cheers, BT

  2. I’m the opposite of that statement. I hate researching records but love expanding my tree and putting together memories and stories. I love the automated record matches that MyHeritage and Ancestry find for me, and think of the thousands of hours I saved by not having to find them myself.

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