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Ireland, Genealogical Office Manuscripts, Marriages
This set contains 9,010 marriage licenses for Ireland’s affluent upper classes from the Dublin diocese as well as marriage notices that appeared in Exshaw’s Magazine and Hibernian Magazine. They run from 1732 to 1800. This set is transcription-only; view an image of the original record by selecting the ‘Original source’ subheading within each transcription.

Ireland, Genealogical Office Manuscripts, Wills
Transcriptions of 10,501 records that were compiled by Sir William Betham and Denis O’Callaghan Fisher in the 18th and 19th centuries. These records cover almost 300 years of history, from 1596 to 1866. Unlike the majority of Irish Wills lost to fire in 1922 , these transcriptions survive for the benefit of the lucky few.

Ireland Census 1911
This is an update comprising 5,483 records missed during the original transcription process. FMP have improved the searchability and made it easier to browse the 4.3 million records within this census. View the originals on which the transcriptions are based at the National Archives of Ireland’s site, via the link attached to each transcription.

Irish Newspapers

Find 122,848 new pages added this week. New titles are:

Dublin Leader, 1901-1963
Kerry News, 1894-1920
Limerick Echo, 1899-1902, 1904-1916, 1918-1922, 1930.

Updated titles are:

Belfast Commercial Chronicle, 1823-1824
Dublin Shipping and Mercantile Gazette, 1872
Limerick Chronicle, 1826-1829
Roscommon Herald, 1871
Wicklow News-Letter and County Advertiser, 1886

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