Ontario Birth Registrations at Ancestry

Ancestry lists that its collection Ontario, Canada Births, 1832-1916 was updated on 6/21/2023, “an index to over 2 million births that were registered in Ontario, Canada between 1832 and 1916.”
What’s the update? It now has births for 2017 1917, despite 1916 in the title of the collection.
The card catalogue now shows a count of 7,372,731. As pointed out by Ken McKinlay in a comment posted to my blog of 11 March 2022, it’s probably counting all persons mentioned, not just the person born, Complete indexing is always appreciated.


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  1. In addition to the title, Ancestry still hasn’t updated their source information since the 1913 release of Ontario births on their site. It still references “Registrations of Births and Stillbirths, 1869-1913” in Ancestry’s “Source Citation”. The reel numbers for those 1914-1917 birth registrations mentioned in the Ancestry source citations all fall outside the range stated for “Archives of Ontario. Registrations of Births and Stillbirths – 1869-1913. MS 929, reels 1-245” in the “Original data” listing. For example, a birth registered in 1914 is listed as being found on reel 248 and a birth registered in 1917 is found on reel 281.

  2. I do find it interesting that Ontario sets its privacy period to 105 years…and a tad frustrating. Still, better than some other provinces!!

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