Ancestry Augments 1931 Census Transcriptions

We now know that in 1931 Lester Pearson lived in a rented home and didn’t own a radio.

When Ancestry posted its partial transcriptions of the 1931 Census of Canada on Friday, 9 June, the fields available were Name, Gender, Marital Status, Age, Estimated Birth Year, Residence date, Home in 1931, Relation to Head, Enumeration District and Sub-District.

Only two months after the LAC release, additional fields have been transcribed. They are: Can Speak English, Can Speak French, Can Read and Write, Class of Worker, Home Ownership, Materials of Construction, Owned Radio.

Given the limited vocabulary for a response, mostly Yes/No, I’d expect the automated transcription result to be quite accurate. However, Ancestry informs they still need to pass complete internal quality control.

So far, there has yet to be an update to the search form to accommodate these added fields.

Thanks to Allison Lau and Rob Burt from Ancestry for clarifying information.

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  1. I havenow researched and found dozens od family members in the 1931 census. There are some family members whom I just cannot find at present. When you realize that the transcription is done by automation, and you look at the handwriting on many entries, it is no surprise that there are MANY ERRORS! Whenever I find these errors I put in corrections. There is no substitute for human participation!

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