Ancestry adds UK and Allied Countries, World War II Liberated Prisoner of War Questionnaires, 1945-1946

This new database on Ancestry, based on interviews with liberated prisoners, is from original data at WO 344 and has 83,560 entries. The transcribed information is shown in this example.

Name: Victor Charles Sparrow
Rank: Supper
Birth Date: 14 Jan 1917
Enlistment Date: 8 Sep 1939
Capture Date: 19 Aug 1942
Capture Place: Dieppe
Imprisonment Force: Germany
Service Number: B25215
Unit: 2nd Field Company Royal Canadian Engineers

Sparrow is one of approximately 9,000 Canadians who were captured and held as prisoners of war during the Second World War. Nearly 1,700 were held in Asia.

The collection includes 798 POWs who, like Sparrow, were captured in the raid on Dieppe on 19 August 1942, all serving with Canadian forces.

The linked image is a three-page questionnaire, filled out by the liberated POW by handwriting, with much of the same information as found on an attestation paper (as withheld by LAC) as well as their POW experience.

The collection includes 1,335 who were captured in Hong Kong including POWs from the Royal Rifles of Canada and Winnipeg Grenadiers.


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  1. Thank you John. Already found several people I am interested in . Gives me some detail of their experience of their captivity whilst waiting for their British Service Records from the MoD or TNA

  2. Thanks John. No one in his family have been able locate any records of my late husband Ed’s half brother, who escaped from then was French Indo China, now Vietnam, through China and eventually back to the UK. My fingers are crossed. Cheers, BT

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