2 Replies to “Military Monday: Canada’s Hundred Days”

  1. Interesting John. I followed one of the links and remembered doing research at LAC and making many discoveries, especially about war planning. It all made so much sense but I had never thought about it much before Such as, you must be able to plan how you are going to be able to provide sufficient ford, water, and arms and ammunition to an army move forward. DUH!

    I remember being thrilled to see an original signature of Rudyard Kipling on a letter, who was heavily involved in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.. Cheers, BT

  2. Interesting read. My Grandfather probably was involved but with the British forces. He was a shoeing smith. Horses were a treasured commodity at that time. Then he became a gunner. The pictures in the article speak of the bleak and gruesome conditions that were endured.

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