Find a Grave Index update on Ancestry

On 18 August, Ancestry updated their Index to Find a Grave version to contain 233,352,264 records. That’s a median increase of 3.5%. Increases range from 54% for Sweden to 0. 78% for the US which represents three-quarters of the total entries.

Area Records Aug 2023
Records May 2023
US 174,219,998 172,857,217
UK and Ireland 18,201,134 16,712,454*
Global 15,090,205 14,604,632
Australia and New Zealand 11,297,318 11,044,654
Canada 9,808,392 9,646,273
Germany 2,822,677 2,520,011
Sweden 1,110,094 719,305
Italy 329,383 318,700
Norway 220,413 216,182*
Brazil 186,642 165,727
Mexico 66,008 62,956

The previous figures for UK and Ireland and Norway are for the prior March 2023 update.

The actual Find A Grave site has additional entries.

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  1. Thank you John for this very useful information. One thing I get asked regularly is where their ancestors were buried in order they can pay their respects
    As time goes on the information is improving

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