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Continuing to catch up after my vacation.

  1. This Friday over 40,000 Non-Conformist parish records from the Surrey parish of Southwark have been added. They comprise 11,354 baptisms, 896 marriages and 1,915 burials as well as 24,844 congregational register records.
  2. Last Friday 121,225 Dorset records appeared on FMP  across baptism (38,873 new records), marriage (52,622 new) and burial (29,730 new) sets. There are now records from 342 parishes, the coverage is detailed here.
  3. Two weeks ago there were 30,149 additions to FMP’s collection of Norfolk Memorials. Also, addition of 31,741 records from a census counting all troops around Ireland as they were at midnight on the 13 November 1922. There aretranscriptions expanded to include information such as rank, address, attestation dates, marital status, next of kin and other extra details from the original records with links to the Irish Military Archives website.

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