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Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada, has graciously accepted the request to continue in the viceregal tradition of serving as Patron to The Historical Society of Ottawa. This is the continuation of a tradition that dates back 125 years ago, originally with the spouses of Canada’s Governors General.

Ontario Road Maps
Post to Wikimedia Commons by the Archives of Ontario, 147 Official Road Maps of Ontario from 1923 depicting the province’s transportation infrastructure, including the network of provincial highways, other principal roadways, steamship routes and rail lines. Information of interest to tourists, such as Canada Customs regulations and excerpts of fishing and gaming laws, are included on the sheets, as well as traffic regulations and tables of mileage between cities.


Studs Terkel
A familiar name, why so well known?

He was a writer and broadcaster whose radio show aired in Chicago, on WFMT, from 1952 to 1997. The Studs Terkel Radio Archive has a growing archive of more than 2,000 programs where he talked to the 20th century’s most interesting people.

The City of Ottawa Archives will host the Open House of the Archives Association of Ontario Municipal Archives Interest Group in 2026, in celebration of its 50th anniversary.


Another 1931 census challenge.
Born in England in Watford, Hertfordshire, on 28 February 1888.
Came with a brother to Red Deer, Alberta, in 1911.
Joined the Royal North-West Mounted Police.
Enlisted in the CEF in 1915.
Who is it?
Awarded the Victoria Cross for “most conspicuous bravery and skilful handling of the troops under his command during the capture and consolidation of considerably more than the objectives allotted to him, in an attack” during the Battle of Passchendaele.
Now who is it?
In the 1931 census he was living in Pittsburgh Township, Frontenac-Addington with his wife a daughter and new-born son.
He became an MP, Minister in the Diefenbaker government and Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.


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  1. Re: Ontario Road Maps: Detailed Backroad maps by CCCmaps are gone:
    The finest and ONLY contemporary maps for genealogy research are the – Canadian Cartographics Corp. in Markham – maps for Ontario. I am lucky to have one for Eastern Ontario that dates back to about 2013. These maps are called “Detailed Backroad Maps” & show the numbered lot and Concession for all the townships, before the townships being amalgamated and renamed. They show the township boundaries also. No map I can find for Ontario shows the road network AND the lot and concessions to track WHERE ancestors lived once the property has been found on the General Abstracts land books on Family Search.

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