Military Monday: Time Team’s Latest

A new Time Team episode has some familiar faces invited to Aldbourne, Wiltshire, on the 80th anniversary since Easy Company of the US 101st Airborne Division was stationed here in 1943, shortly before D-Day.

Working alongside service men and women from the US and UK, the team has just over a week to investigate the camp, once home to the ‘Band of Brothers’.

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  1. I am a subscriber to the Time Team through Patreon, allowing the team to continue their work on digs following on from the highly successful Channel 4 series that changed the history of the United Kingdom – and some places further afield – forever.
    It’s was the first special made on the return of Sir Tony Robinson to the crew and it was emotional. Aside from that so many discoveries found from an empty field that did not have permanent structures. Even discarded dog tags told a human story of the reason it was discarded and took us on the soldiers journey to Dachau and Eagles Nest.
    An actor playing a soldier from Easy Company reminded us of how he was killed in a foxhole with a direct strike. Remember it well. Even remnants of foxholes were discovered in situ from their training.
    If you can well worth subscribing and seeing, as well as supporting future digs
    Thank you for sharing John.

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