October is Canadian Library Month

During this month, libraries and library partners across Canada raise awareness of the valuable role libraries play in Canadians’ lives. The 2023 national theme is Libraries for Life.

What will your local library be doing to raise awareness?

One Reply to “October is Canadian Library Month”

  1. My dearest hope is that other public libraries across the country value their local history collections/archives. These Special Collections often house the most arcane local knowledge, genealogies of local families, archives, local writers works, etc.

    Some libraries think it progressive to undo all that and become libraries ‘of the future’ including not just books, but jigsaw puzzles, telescopes and all manner of goods to lure people in to borrow. Sadly, library usage is now surging in these libraries while people use their digitized collections and not books and A/V items. As well some Central libraries are empty of patrons. Trust me, a retired Special Collections librarian. I know.

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