Findmypast Weekly Update

In the FMP last record update of 2023, are monumental inscriptions from Yorkshire, Lincolnshire workhouse guardians’ minutes, and 18th-century school records from the UK’s first free school for deaf children. That’s over 18,500 English records in total.

Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions
Find 8,273 transcriptions to the over 318,000 records in the existing collection of monumental inscriptions from Yorkshire;  from 1807 up to 2022.

Lincolnshire, Workhouse Guardians’ Minutes
Poor Law relief applications as recorded by the guardians who administered each case are in this 9,354 item collection from Lincolnshire between 1837 and 1901.

Though the information included varies slightly, each record typically contains a full name, residence, date of birth, status, and event date. There are transcriptions and images available, so consult the original record to glean all the details. Within the documents attached to each record, you may be able to see the rates that were paid, as well as more biographical details and notes about the case.

London, Asylum for the Deaf & Dumb Pupils 1792-1859
New this week are 899 records from the London Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb – the first free public institution in England to offer education to deaf children from poor families. These transcriptions span almost 70 years, from 1792 to 1859.

The information recorded changed significantly over time. For some pupils, only very brief detail is included.

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