Yuletide R&R: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: Anatomy of a Christmas Classic

This lecture from Gresham College investigates how and why the song ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ has become so popular, transcending its roots in the MGM musical Meet Me in St Louis to become a presence in the canon of secular popular Christmas songs.

Live and recorded examples from artists including Judy Garland and Sam Smith explain both how this remarkable song works and the process by which it became so popular. What gives this song its prayer-like quality?

Professor Broomfield-McHugh is joined by singer and actor David Bedella.

2 Replies to “Yuletide R&R: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: Anatomy of a Christmas Classic”

  1. John, – What a fascinating talk – both historically and musically. I was captivated and passed the link onto other musicians and historians in the family. Thanks for catching this and sharing. – Paul

  2. That was fabulous, John – thank you so much! Long ago when I too was studying at nearby King’s College in London, whenever I heard a lecture of that quality & interest, I would be so absorbed as to neglect taking any notes. Consequently, come exam time, I had no notes to revise & frequently got a poor mark! Thank you, again for finding this item – & have yourself a merry little Christmas…

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