LAC Co-Lab Contributions: Recent Additions and Highlights

Every month, we report on the progress of Co-Lab Challenges. Recently, we’ve also been tracking the number of additional contributions made through Co-Lab. As of 21 May, 3,841 items in Collection Search were identified as Co-Lab-only contributions, an increase from 3,797 a month earlier.

LAC has provided a list of 62 new additions between 1 April and 24 May 2024,

  • 19 photographs
  • 19 art pieces
  • 3 documentary art items – maps and plans
  • 18 textual items – manuscripts
  • 3 other items

Co-Lab’s tasks include “transcribing, tagging, translating, and describing digitized records from our collection.” For the 41 image items (66%), this means tagging and describing.

For example, reference number 2919116, titled “Wellington Street near Bank Street, Ottawa,” likely has its contributed information within the Record Information – Details section.

Transcription, on the other hand, is more demanding. Item 5793108, “Letter to David T. Williamson from John and Annie Peters,” now includes a transcription of the handwritten letter on the final two pages.

In some additions, it isn’t clear what value has been added. However, aside from transcription, the tasks do not seem burdensome if you’ve found an item in your research that would benefit from enhanced tagging or description.

By contributing to Co-Lab, you can help enrich the records and make them more accessible for future researchers. Every little bit helps in preserving and enhancing our shared heritage.


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