Exploring Family Tree Expert GPT

Family Tree Expert GPT “answers family tree/genealogy/
ancestry questions using your uploaded GEDCOM (.ged) file (which you can export from most family tree software). This GPT doesn’t connect to third-parties (e.g. APIs) so your data stays within ChatGPT. Conversation data from this GPT isn’t used to improve OpenAI models.”

It has 400+ conversations and a 3.0 rating.

Suggested conversation starters are:

Can you tell me who John’s parents are?
What is the birth date of Alice?
Find all individuals with the surname ‘Smith’.
Show me the marriage details of Robert and Emily.

I uploaded a 1,778 person gedcom from RootsMagic . Querying the database I determined:

1,224 people have no death information
1,642 people have no burial information
109 have both death and burial information
10 have lived in Australia
14 have lived in Canada (not including myself!)
7 were born in Wales and died in England
22 people had last name A******* (anonymized)
10 people had middle name A*******
14 duplicates were identified of which 9 had no known last name.
240 were identified who are or should be in the 1921 census and were age less than 100 years.

Overall, even though some of the stats could be found through RootsMagic, there were others I could not.



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