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Continuing with exploring the specialist GPTs available through ChatGPT 4.o.
Be sure to read to the end to find out how free access to ChatGPT4 can get you much of the benefit of Genealogy Eyes covered in this post.
Genealogy Eyes, by Steve Little, “Look(s) at images, photos, and documents through the eyes of a family historian. Try it from your phone! Take a snapshot of a cemetery headstone, document/record, or anything else, and, using the official ChatGPT app, upload the image, say a little about the image and what you want, and click Send.”

With 500 conversations, it’s rated 3.7

Conversation Starters suggested were:

What can you tell me about this image?
Can you analyze the history in this picture?
What genealogical insights does this document hold?
How does this image reflect family history?

Case Study

To explore the capability I uploaded the following image and asked “What can you tell me about this image?”

Here’s the response.

Image Analysis:

Description of the Whole Image: The image depicts a gravestone made of a light-colored stone, which has aged and weathered over time. The gravestone is situated in a graveyard, surrounded by other gravestones, some of which are visible in the background. The surface of the gravestone shows signs of erosion, but the inscriptions are still mostly legible.

Detailed Elements:

  1. Text Inscriptions:
    • Top Section:
      • “WHO DIED 1st JUNE 1951 AGED 87”
    • Middle Section:
    • Bottom Section:
      • There is a smaller inscription in Hebrew, which appears to be “שלום” (“Shalom”), meaning “peace.”
  2. Design and Decorative Elements:
    • The gravestone features decorative carvings along the sides, with a floral or vine motif.
    • The top edge of the gravestone is straight, with slight notches on either side, giving it a symmetrical look.
    • There is some discoloration and moss growth on the stone, indicating its age and exposure to the elements.
  3. Surroundings:
    • The ground around the gravestone is covered with gravel and small stones.
    • Adjacent gravestones are visible, indicating that this is part of a larger cemetery.

Genealogical Value:

  1. Individual’s Information:
    • The gravestone provides key information about Maurice Cohen, including his name, date of death (1st June 1951), and age at death (87 years). This information can be used to estimate his birth year around 1864.
  2. Family Connections:
    • Maurice Cohen is noted to be “sadly missed” by his wife, Sarah, his son, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. This indicates multiple generations and can help in tracing his family lineage further.
  3. Cultural and Religious Context:
    • The inclusion of Hebrew text and the name “Cohen” suggest Jewish heritage. The name “Cohen” often indicates a priestly lineage within Jewish tradition, which could be of particular interest in genealogical research.
  4. Location and Historical Context:
    • The cemetery location, gravestone design, and materials used can provide contextual clues about the region and time period. Further research into the cemetery records could yield additional information about Maurice Cohen and his family.

Next Steps for Genealogical Research:

  1. Research Census Records:
    • Look up census records around 1864 (birth year) and the early 1900s to find more details about Maurice Cohen’s household, including his wife Sarah and their children.
  2. Obtain Death Certificate:
    • The death certificate of Maurice Cohen could provide more details, such as his place of birth, parents’ names, and cause of death.
  3. Cemetery Records:
    • Investigate the cemetery records for more information about Maurice Cohen and potentially other family members buried nearby.
  4. Jewish Heritage Records:
    • Explore Jewish genealogy databases and records, which may have additional information on Maurice Cohen’s lineage, especially given the significance of the Cohen surname in Jewish history.

Follow-Up Options:

  1. Census Records Search 🔍: Explore census records to find more about Maurice Cohen and his family.
  2. Obtain Death Certificate 📜: Learn how to obtain a death certificate for detailed information.
  3. Cemetery Records Investigation 🪦: Delve into the cemetery’s records for broader family insights.
  4. Something Else? 🌟: Would you like to explore a different aspect of genealogical research?

I’m impressed, particularly with the translation of the Hebrew.

Would this capability be of use in your research?

Case Study with ChatGPT4

If you don’t have a paid subscription you can use the ChatGPT4 service. Uploading the same image and making the same request delivered the following response.

“This image shows the gravestone of Maurice Cohen, who died on June 1, 1951, at the age of 87. The inscription on the stone expresses loving memory and mentions that he is “sadly missed by his dear wife Sarah, son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.” The phrase “God rest his dear soul” concludes the inscription. The gravestone also features decorative elements such as floral designs and Jewish symbols, including what appears to be a menorah. The overall appearance of the gravestone, with signs of weathering and moss growth, suggests it has been standing for many years, reflecting its historical and emotional significance to the family and community.”

It will also provide a full transcription of of the gravestone on request, but without the translation of the Hebrew.



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