Library and Archives Canada: Jan to 1 April 2021

As of the start of the month LAC had posted 20 items in the news section in the left-hand column of its home page this year. They can be roughly categorized into four groups: Operations, Policy, Acquisitions and Outputs. Here’s the list ordered by group then date.

Date Topic Group
27-Jan-2021 Rare book from 1943 acquired by Library and Archives Canada—was one of first sources to sound global alarm about Holocaust in progress Acq
15-Mar-2021 Library and Archives Canada Foundation funds purchase of unique centuries-old Canadian legal heritage documents Acq
5-Jan-2021 Exhibition: Hiding in Plain Sight: Discovering the Métis Nation in the Archival Records of Library and Archives Canada Ops
8-Jan-2021 Temporary suspension of digital copy services Ops
8-Feb-2021 Ottawa Public Library-Library and Archives Canada joint facility: A landmark cultural infrastructure project pointing the way to a greener future Ops
11-Feb-2021 Interruption of computing services on Saturday, February 13, 2021 Ops
16-Feb-2021 February 22 – Resumption of copy services and on-site consultations in Ottawa Ops
16-Feb-2021 Reopening – Winnipeg public service point now open by reservation Ops
26-Feb-2021 OPL-LAC joint facility: Inviting Indigenous artists! Ops
2-Mar-2021 Technical difficulties (update): Collection Search Ops
10-Mar-2021 Reopening: Limited access to microform collection in Ottawa Ops
10-Mar-2021 Interruption of computing services on March 13, 2021 Ops
1-Apr-2021 LAC Ottawa: Public service point closed and temporary suspension of copy services Ops
9-Feb-2021 Launch of third edition of Lingua Franca e-book Out
22-Feb-2021 A new Google map to search for Indigenous-related collection items Out
2-Feb-2021 LAC’s Vision 2030: We want your input Pol
3-Mar-2021 Taking steps toward reconciliation at Library and Archives Canada Pol
9-Mar-2021 The Francophone Name Authority Program: Progress for the Francophone Library Sector Pol
19-Mar-2021 Policy on Maintaining the Canadian National Union Catalogue Pol
1-Apr-2021 Update on Theses Canada for universities and students Pol


11 of the 20, more than half, relate to operations. Most are short-term – interruptions of service or closing and opening of physical facilities. Two relate to the LAC-OPL joint facility under development and one is a new location for a travelling exhibition.
Five relate to policy, two to acquisitions and two to outputs — Launch of third edition of Lingua Franca e-book and A new Google map to search for Indigenous-related collection items.
A surprising omission is The Library and Archives Canada Scholar Awards “created to recognize remarkable Canadians who have made an outstanding contribution to the creation and promotion of our country’s culture, literary heritage and historical knowledge.” Those being honoured on Wednesday 21 April at 7 pm online are:
Margaret Atwood, poet, novelist, literary critic and essayist
Roch Carrier, novelist and author
Charlotte Gray, historian, author and biographer
Serge Joyal, former senator, art collector and philanthropist
Terry O’Reilly, broadcast producer and radio personality.


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