Know Your Place

Previously “Know Your Place” was an admonition to someone to respect their usually lower status in the British social hierarchy.

Today you only expect to hear it in that context on “Upstairs-Downstairs.”

These days Know Your Place is a British digital heritage mapping resource. It gives “online access to a range of historic data, but more importantly provides a place where users can add information about your local area, building a rich and diverse community map of local heritage for everyone. It’s free to use and anyone can add to the map.”

Started in Bristol, Know Your Place expanded to the West of England where it now “spans eight counties and 7279 square miles, with other counties around the UK interested in putting their areas on the map in future.” The latest, just starting online, is Worcester.

Check it out for insights into the area where your ancestors lived.

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  1. The maps are terrific. I wish I used Apps on a Smart Mart phone, but don’t.
    Thx as always for interesting new sites to discover.

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