Your Genealogy Today May/June 2021

Contents for the new issue which will be available on 10 May.

Treasured Connections to Your Past
Joe Grandinetti says those keepsakes can add important context to your family history

When One is Enough
Sue Lisk looks at concentrating on an individual in a family tree when doing research

The Cleveland Connection
Richard H. Goms Jr. recounts a search for living cousins descended from Prussian ancestry

“For It’s a Jolly Good Song …”
David A. Norris looks at traditional special songs for special occasions

Honoring Your Ancestors: Veterans Societies
Karen L. Newman looks at lineage societies for ancestors who served and were honorably discharged

Why Didn’t I Learn Sooner….and Better?
Donna Potter Phillips offers her regrets on not being a better genealogist

“Colored News” – Part II
Diane L. Richard continues on with this hidden, though, invaluable goldmine

Tracing Paths of Divorce
Sue Lisk says there are many ways to approach the puzzle of a divorce in a family tree

Center For American War Letters
Leslie Michele Derrough looks at the importance of preserving our ancestors’ wartime correspondence for future generations

Notes From Across the Pond
Steve Ward looks at postcards and how they were the favorite communication method of the early twentieth century

Getting a Better Read on Your Ancestors
Lauren A. O’Hagan shows how book inscriptions can help you further your family history research

The Back Page: Please… Show Me the Proof!
Dave Obee needs your help in tracing an ancestor. Are you up for a challenge

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