More on Identification of the remains of Warrant Officer John Gregory

Thanks to two helpful readers I was able to get a view of the recent article in Polar Record reporting on the DNA identification a Frankin Expedition crew member.
Y-DNA was extracted from a molar found at site NgLj-3 at Erebus Bay, King William Island, identified on a map here on page 10.
There was a perfect STR match at all 19 markers with a person identified genealogically as a descendant of John Gregory. Unsurprisingly, using Witt Athey’s Predictor the Y-haplogroup is R1b.
Most markers are exactly on the modal number of repeats. The largest deviation is for DYS576 which is 4 below the modal and occurs in less than 1% of samples according to
The paper estimates the odds are 47,030 more likely that there is a paternal relationship than not.
Mitochondrial DNA is also mentioned but no quantitative results given. Nor are results, even haplogroups given for other Y-DNA analysis.
The article also includes a facial reconstruction previously published here based on a skull, not on DNA.


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