Ancestry Adds Westminster, London, England, Cemetery Registers, 1855-1990

Registers for Hanwell, Mill Hill, St Marylebone, and Willesden Lane Cemeteries, with a total of 281,988 records are now available on Ancestry. For each there are Deed of Grant Books and various others.

Hanwell, formerly City of Westminster Cemetery, which opened in 1854, has 95,837 records.
Mill Hill, formerly Paddington New Cemetery, has about 120 entries between 1984 and 1987.
St, Marylebone, open in 1855 and now called East Finchley Cemetery, is where conductor Leopold Stokowski and artist, cartoonist specializing in complicated designs, Heath Robinson are interred.
Paddington Cemetery has a Burial Plot Book for 1939-1950 and three Deed of Grant Books from 1964 to 1969.

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  1. First, a huge thank you for this blog. I’ve learned a lot about my British & Irish ancestors.

    Is it possible to add the link to the registers and other updates to your posts? It would be greatly appreciated ?

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