LAC Co-Lab Updates for July

Here’s a report on progress with Library and Archives Canada’s Co-Lab Challenges since last month.  One challenge reports progress and two are less complete this month than last!

Arthur Lismer’s Children’s Art Classes, new and 0% complete.

John Freemont Smith remains 89% complete.

War Diaries of the First World War: No. 2 Construction Battalion remains 99% complete.

Canadian National Land Settlement Association is 98% complete, 94% last month. That’s nine additional images of the 446 in the collection.

Molly Lamb Bobak remains 88% complete.

Diary of François-Hyacinthe Séguin remains 98% complete.

George Mully: moments in Indigenous communities 0% complete,  2% last month.

Correspondence regarding First Nations veterans returning after the First World War remains 99% complete.

Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 remains 95% complete.

Legendary Train Robber and Prison Escapee Bill Miner remains 99% complete.

Japanese-Canadians: Second World War, is 3% complete, 61% last month.

The Call to Duty: Canada’s Nursing Sisters remains 93% complete.

Projects that remain 100% complete are no longer reported here.

There’s a new more attractive presentation of the Challenges progress.

Other Co-Lab activities not part of the Challenges may have happened; seemingly we’ll never know.

Your choices are to get vaccinated or to get COVID.

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