Judy Neville RIP

Judith Rose Mary Neville (née Brownell) of Finch, Ontario passed on Wednesday 8 July 2021 at Winchester District Memorial Hospital in Alexandria, Ontario at age 62.

An educator and leader, she worked tirelessly to promote the causes she was interested in.

Judy was one of the founding members of the Ontario East British Home Child Family. She pushed for OEBHCF to place a wreath for British Home Children and their descendants at the National War Memorial on 11 November 2013 and each year since then. She assisted with having the home child display at Upper Canada Village Aultsville Train Station.

Judy’s most profound accomplishment was “being invited to emcee the ceremony at Parliament Hill for the presentation of the Canadian Flag that flew over the Peace Tower, 50 years after British Home Child descendant, Joan O’Malley sewed the three prototypes that resulted in our beautiful Maple Leaf Flag. Judy was invited to bring words about the little-known history of over 100,000 British Home Children who were sent to Canada between 1869 – 1948 in hopes for a better opportunity at life and future, but first had to work off an indenture or contract.” 

Read more about her family and life at https://www.tributearchive.com/obituaries/21841927/judy-neville

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