BBC History Magazine: Sept 2021

Here are the feature articles in the September issue of BBC History magazine. It’s available through PressReader.

Hellish workhouses?
Peter Higginbotham asks if these residences for the poor merit the nightmarish reputations. (Spoiler: He explodes some myths)

Romans and fascists
Catherine Harloe explores the far right’s enduring fascination with ancient Greece and Rome.

The Man in the Iron Mask
What was the real-life identity of this celebrated prisoner? Josephine Wilkinson puts forward her theory.

Supersized Georgians
Freya Gowrley lifts the lid on satarists’ obsession with the issue of fatness in the 18th century.

Middle East Holocaust
Greshom Groenberg chronicles the little-known brutalization of Jewish people from Morocco to Iraq in the Second World War.

The Salem Witch Trials
Why did two girls’ accusations of dark magic send 19 people to the gallows in 1692? Ellie Cawthorne investigates.

Walter Scott’s genius
Annika Bautz argues that Scotland’s International image has been partly shaped by the brilliance of this nineteenth-century novelist.

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