Advance Notice: The Canadian Corps in the Hundred Days

Two talks live on Facebook for The Western Front Association, by Tim Cook and Bill Stewart, on Monday 27 September at 3 pm ET.

In the first presentation, Bill Stewart will bring us ‘Tubes, Typewriters, Trucks and Training 1918: The Canadian Corps’ Advantages’. Bill will examine the multiple ways in which the Canadian Corps differed from BEF formations in 1918. Some of these advantages are well understood, some are misunderstood, and some are completely missed. He will examine all these categories but will focus on the misunderstood and missed items and how they were of benefit to the Corps’ performance.

In the second presentation, Tim Cook will bring us ‘The Forgotten Liberations: The Canadian Corps in 1918’. Tim will present his new research on the Canadian liberation of French and Belgian civilians in the Hundred Days campaign. Unlike the great attention paid to the liberations in the Second World War, there is little to no discussion of these similar liberations in the First World War by Canadian soldiers. He will describe these forgotten operations and why it is important to remember them.

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