Another Pandemic Fatality: Your Genealogy Today

From the Publisher of Your Genealogy Today:

Our printer who prints Your Genealogy Today (YGT) contacted us just before we were about to send our Sept/Oct 2021 25th Anniversary issue to press at the end of August to say that they were delaying the printing of YGT due to pandemic-related workforce shortages and paper shortages. They could not guarantee it would be printed in September, or even early October for that matter. That left us no choice other than to source a new printer, which we have done on very short notice; getting press time is difficult – but not impossible.

As a result, WE ARE printing the Sept/Oct 2021 issue of YGT (for subscribers only), but effective with the Oct/Nov 2021 issue of Internet Genealogy (IG), YGT will be merged into Internet Genealogy. Going forward, your subscription will be switched to IG for the duration of what is owed to you from your existing subscription to YGT. If you currently have a subscription to Internet Genealogy, we will extend your subscription by the number of issues owed to you from your existing subscription to YGT. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about this arrangement. Our toll-free number is 1-888-326-2476.
We now have a firm date to print in the week of Sept. 13. and the magazine will be mailed in the week of Sept. 20.

We felt that we had to act now, rather than wait to see if the previous printer was going to get the magazine out. If we didn’t source a new printer, our schedule would surely be jeopardized for IG, and History Magazine as well. In doing so we maintain two quality magazines, plus our special issues. With regard to articles already booked for YGT, any currently accepted YGT articles have been booked into future issues of IG.

COMMENT: While it’s sad to see the end of any publication the overlap between the content of the two magazines has been evident for some while. We should look forward to an even higher standard of content in Internet Genealogy and, perhaps, some new initiatives.

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