Findmypast Friday Additions: small islands, small dataset

You could fit these islands 13 times into Prince Edward Island, and more than twice into Ontario’s Prince Edward County. Some organizations have difficulty distinguishing PEI and PEC, but not the smaller islands that yield this week’s additions to Findmypast:

16,900 births & baptisms, 1792-1934
4,800 marriages, 1799-1940
6,400 deaths & burials, 1804-1947.

It has been suggested The Turks & Caicos, a British Overseas Territory in the West Indies, would make a good addition to Canada, especially for the winter months.

These rare resources have been published in partnership with the British Library’s Endangered Archives Project. Browse that site for other rare resources, like Grenada’s”St George Register of Baptisms, marriages and burials [1765-1785]” available as images of the original.


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