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First, I hope you enjoyed Sunday’s three presentations on the first day of the BIFHSGO conference as much as I did. I’m glad there’s a chance to view them again as some of the information came quickly.

Today, Monday, the presentations are:

16:00 – 17:30 Towards a Genetic-genealogy-driven Irish Reference Genome with Gerard Corcoran

18:00 – 19:30 Finding Molly Johnson: The Search for Irish Famine Orphans in Canada, 1847-1848 with Mark McGowan

20:00 – 21:30 Working Wildflowers: How Three Generations of Women Turned CP Traill’s Field Notes into a Best Seller with Kyla Ubbink.

Maybe the hosts of the sessions, as well as reading the list of things attendees can’t, do might be allowed to mention things they can, like smoking, bringing in food and drink, and keeping cellphone ringers active. Style of dress is optional!

Now for the incentive.

BIFHSGO is offering 10% off for new 2022 memberships and for membership renewals during the conference.  If you choose the $50 option that saves $5 (higher math!).

Going further with the math, the Society gets your money 3 months early so, if you count your pennies, you could earn interest of 13 cents (at 1% per annum) meaning you actually save $4.87. To earn interest of that amount in 3 months on $50 would require an annual interest rate of nearly 40% – tax-free! If you know of another legal way to earn that interest rate please let me know!

BIFHSGO has announced it will no longer accept membership payments by cheque as it imposes too much of an administrative burden on volunteers, directors and others. That may mean a loss of a few members of long-standing who choose not to make payments online.

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  1. While it is true that we are encouraging members to join online (because it saves many hours of volunteer time), it is not true that this is the only option. On the membership pages, those interested in joining are invited to contact the membership director if they have any issues and that would include payment online.

    Ann Burns, BIFHSGO Membership Director

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