BBC History Magazine: November 2021

The November issue is already out. Here are the contents.

In defence of George III
Andrew Roberts counters the narrative that the King was a tyrannical brute who gave the American colonies no choice but to rebel. (Did you know the complaint of the American colonist’s, who were largely self-governing, was over taxes of 7 pence per person to pay for their own defence?)

Medieval duels
Jules Skoda reveals why our ancestors chose to fight to the death to resolve intractable disputes.

Windows onto history
From arrow slits to stained glass masterpieces, Rachel Hurdley shows how windows illuminate the past.

The author of abolition
David Olusoga on how Olaudah Equiano added a powerful voice to the campaign to end the slave trade.

Elizabeth and Mary
Susan Doran chronicles Elizabeth 1 and Mary Queen of Scots fraught relationship via 12 objects

The firing line
James Holland tells the epic story of the tank regiment that won more battle honours than any other British army unit in the Second World War.

Medieval worship
Nicholas Orme answers five big questions on the experience of going to church in the Middle Ages.

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