Postmortum records for London’s St George’s Hospital

St. George's Hospital and the Constitution Arch, Hyde Park C Wellcome V0013819Old postmortem records for St George’s Hospital, in 76 volumes from 1841 to 1946, an estimated total of 36,000 cases, are freely available online. Most patients were from the lower classes.

A blog post illustrates the type of information of interest for family history that may be found. For example, Albert Pratt, a four-year-old boy who died on 20 August 1889.

His parents lived at Brighton but the child had been staying at 1A Bulmer Place Notting Hill Gate. In this house the floor of the W.C. [Water Closet] was in a very bad state, having all crumbled away. The Landlord refusing to do anything. Within the last 6 weeks 6 persons living in the house, 4 children and 2 young women had had sore throats but all recovered.’ Young Albert, was diagnosed with Diphtheria and ultimately succumbed to the illness.

The project to conserve, digitise and catalogue the postmortum records, funded by the Wellcome Foundation, is in progress with records to about 1920 complete.

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  1. Oooooh, John. How very morbid to read about these post-mortem examinations. I have just read three about lung diseases and TB. ICK. Cheers, BT

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