RQG Conference

You have until the end of the month to view the presentations given at the Register of Qualified Genealogists conference.  Don’t miss the free opportunity.

What genealogists and social historians can learn from each other.
Caroline Gurney

Finding your ancestors at home: researching the history of houses.
Melanie Backe-Hansen

Business histories putting our ancestors into their commercial communities.
Elizabeth Walne

Who was Kastian Richardson? From family story to theatrical social history.
Diana Nicoll

Researching criminal ancestors.
Prof. Helen Johnston and Prof. Heather Shore

Dusting and Digging: The work of women, 1796-1829.
Valerie Brenton

Life of the Early Victorian Deaf and Dumb (A Yorkshire Study).
Anne Sherman

Hidden history: Tales of everyday life in Newspaper Advertisements.
Audrey Collins

Jilted! Or the insights offered in a breach of contract of marriage cases.
Kate Keter

Lying Bastards: the impact of illegitimacy on family history research.
Dave Annal

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