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Did you know Library and Archives Canada has a Youth Advisory Council? It has 22 members, age 19 to 25 with the current terms running from February 2021 to June 2022. According to the LAC information on the Council, “members discuss a variety of topics related to Canada’s documentary heritage and contribute to LAC management decisions by providing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.”

This word cloud derived from the individual members summary gives a window on the Council member’s background and interests.

There’s no information on the LAC website about any recent Youth Advisory Council meetings.

Other advisory committees and mechanisms are:
Acquisitions Advisory Committee, most recent information on meetings is December 2018;
Indigenous Advisory Circle, no information on meetings;
LAC Forum with University Partners, last meeting March 2019;
LAC foundation, the latest information is September 2021;
Official Language Minority Communities, mentions a conference in 2021 – no further information;
Services Consultation Committee, last information May 2019;
Friends of Library and Archives Canada – no recent information.

Is LAC just not updating the website, or maybe management has lost interest in these mechanisms for accessing external advice?

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