FHF Podcasts

The (UK) Family History Federation now has podcasts.  Termed “Really Useful Podcast”, two are available.

Series 1 Episode 1: Occupations
In this episode series host Joe Saunders is joined by Mish Holman, professional genealogist who is particularly interested in theatre ancestors and census enumerators, Mike Esbester, academic historian and co-lead on the Railway Work Life and Death Project and Judith Batchelor, professional genealogist, writer and tutor at IHGS.
Work affected our ancestors and shaped their fortunes. Occupational records can be used to research your family history and give a fuller picture of their lives. Among other things our speakers touch upon the need to think about women’s work, what drew people to certain occupations and offer some top tips for researching.

Series 1 Episode 2: Young People
Joe Saunders is joined by Janet Few, historical researcher, writer, speaker and President of the Family History Federation, Margaret Roberts, editor of the Playing Pasts online sports history magazine and Publicity Officer for the FHS of Cheshire and Daniel Loftus, Gen-Z Genealogist and founding member of The Hidden Branch group for young family historians.

Young people aren’t just the future of family history but the present. We discuss some of the problems young people face and how older genealogists and organisations can best interact with them for the massive benefit of all.

Find out how “really useful” these really are at https://www.familyhistoryfederation.com/podcast

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