LAC’s New Assistant Deputy Minister, User Experience and Engagement

On 15 November Jasmine Bouchard, previously head of services to the public at the city of Gatineau’s library, joined Library and Archives Canada as Assistant Deputy Minister, User Experience and Engagement.

The announcement is at

I’m sure we all wish Ms. Bouchard well in taking up this challenging role. A good step would be to ask users, and potential users, for advice about the service improvements and services they want?

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  1. I saw something new on the LAC website (Collection Search, I think) where they now have virtual interviews with clients. If you want to give your thoughts directly to them, you could make an appointment in one of the virtual interviews.

    1. No, LAC does not offer “virtual interviews”. They offer reference appointments with librarians or archivists for research help, and this option has been on offer for quite a long time. The purpose is not for general feedback. There are frequent survey pop-ups on the LAC website, these would be a more appropriate mechanism for providing feedback.

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