Military Monday: Jake Gaudaur

In his book Wings for Victory, the late Spencer Dunmore recounts the following.

Jake Gaudaur, a former football player and later Commissioner of the Canadian Football League, was a flying instructor at Number 2 SFTS, Ottawa (part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.) On night flying exercises, he was fond of zooming low over the southern part of the city, where his wife lived, to tell her that he would shortly be home. Approaching the apartment building, he would slip the propeller of the Harvard into fine pitch, producing an ear-splitting howl. When an editorial appeared in the local paper about the antics of the airmen from the Uplands airfield, he decided it might be more prudent to phone.

Gaudaur was at Uplands as a pilot instructor and is mentioned many times in the Citizen and Journal playing football. The newspapers have mentions of the noise of railcar shunting, car horns, frogs, milkman’s carts — and bagpipes, but no such editorial that I can find.

Is this a story too good to be questioning its veracity? Dunmore had a love of a good story, as well as aviation.


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