Advance Notice: MyHeritage 24 Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon

The 3rd Annual 24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon is hosted by and MyHeritage. The marathon will begin on Thursday, 7 April at 5pm ET.

The Lectures

– Everything You Need to Know About the 1950 Census by Lisa Louise Cooke
– Confirming Smart Matches™ and Record Matches by Daniel Horowitz
– What’s New in Jewish Genealogy 2022 by Ellen S. Kowitt
Smarter Searching: Refining Search Parameters for Genealogists by Cyndi Ingle
– The Geography of Genealogy in Europe by Dave Obee
– Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy by Nancy E. Loe, MA, MLS
– Supercharge your Research Spreadsheets with Airtable by Francine Crowley Griffis, CG
– Writing as You Go is the WAY to Go! by Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
– In Your Ancestor’s Kitchen: Researching the Items You Remember by Gena Philibert-Ortega
– Polish non metrical genealogy sources by Kinga Urbańska
– Analyzing My DNA Matches by Gal Zrihen
– Clans and Families in Scotland by Bruce Durie
– Who were the Scots-Irish? by Natalie Bodle
– Introduction to Swedish Military Records by Kathy Meade
– Searching for My Ancestors’ Records by Moshe Etlis
– Sons of the Soil: researching our British agricultural labouring ancestors by Janet Few
– The Lady of the Scrapbook: A Newspaper Case Study by Mary Kircher Roddy, CG
– Simply using timelines will make a difference in your research! by Shelley Viola Murphy
– Organizing My Photos by Keren Dotan
– Spinsters and Widows: Using Women to Reconstruct Families by Shannon Green, CG
– Doing Time – Prison Records as Genealogy Resources by Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
– Hard drive and SSD drive failure rates and what to do by Andy Klein
– Family Discoveries in Minutes by Devin Ashby
– Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians–Oh, My! by Sunny Morton

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