MyHeritage adds Scottish and Australian Indexes

New to MyHeritage, from Scottish Indexes, a collection of High Court Precognitions and Trial Papers from 1800 to 1916.

“This collection (of 138,934 index records) consists of three sets held at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh, precognitions (AD14 and AD15) and trial papers (JC26) of the High Court of Justiciary, which is the highest criminal court in Scotland. Records may contain the full name of the individual, age, residence, date and place of the event, name of the court, and various information related to the proceeding.”

Find more about these records in the Scottish Indexers Learning Zone.

Australia, Queensland Funeral Home and Burial Records is a collection of 633,015 records from the 19th and 20th centuries. Look for the full name of the deceased, age at death, burial date, burial place, and various notes such as whether the record is from a funeral home or a cemetery. These are also available on FamilySearch, Findmypast and Ancestry.

I occasionally find people complaining about the subscription genealogy companies adding collections available elsewhere, especially if they are free at the other source.  It’s a matter of convenience. Rather than hunt around various sites, some of which you may not know about or be ones you wouldn’t think to be relevant, you get an integrated search capability. That’s worth something. It’s why I know where a direct line ancestor, one who disappeared from English records, ended his days an ocean away from his birthplace.


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