Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Boogie Woogie in Church

The following three items are from The Conversation.

Easter laughter: the hilarious and controversial medieval history of religious jokes

Jesus the faithful Jew: How misreadings of the Christian Gospels miss this and fuel anti-Judaism

No space for a heat pump? Here’s how your whole street could get off gas heating

The book that sank on the Titanic and burned in the Blitz

Russell C Johnston RIP
Vice-President of the Gloucester Historical Society, who regularly represented the society at Ottawa family history and a variety of public events, passed on 29 January.  He was active in the Ottawa theatre community.


New and Forthcoming from Pen and Sword

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  1. John, I am just nuts about ancient British churches. Here is the history of that marvelous little church from British History online. And yes, the north side of the church is 11th century. Fabulous.

    I remember years ago visiting st Martin the Fields, and a string quartet was practicing in the church for the next service. I honestly thought, if God exists, he is here. Cheers, BT

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