Findmypast adds huge Oldham Workhouse collection

Over 150,000 records, from 1867 to 1917, are in the Oldham, Lancashire, Workhouse collection of admission and discharge registers. There are three times as many entries in the last decade of the period as the first.

Transcripts provide standard biographical information and the admission or event date. The original image may show details such as notes on the state on arrival (including health conditions and financial situation), whether they were on a regular diet or ‘infirm’ diet, religious persuasion, or reason for discharge.

Starting in the late 19th century, Oldham grew to be the world’s manufacturing centre for cotton spinning.  Sadly, this collection starts too late for the 1861-65 period of the US Civil War when the industry went into a steep decline owing to limitation of raw cotton supply.

Competition from overseas saw Oldham industry decline in the 20th century.



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