Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Five things that economists know, but sound wrong to most other people

A lal-long population map of the world

Sweetness and Power: The place of sugar in modern history
Wayne Shepheard’s review of this 1985 book.

Who’s afraid of genetic ancestry?

The World’s Blackest Black

Update to 1939 Register of England and Wales
MyHeritage updated its version on 11 May, now with 34,414,430 entries. Ancestry’s version has 45,915,013 entries, and Findmypast’s, which has a reputation as the most up-to-date, has 35,223,608 entries. The population at the time was an estimated 41 million.

Thanks to this week’s contributors. Anonymous, Brenda Turner, Glenn W., Jane MacNamara, Laurie Dougherty, Teresa, Unknown.

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