London Picture Archive

The London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) quarterly newsletter includes news of a new interface and viewing process for maps on the London Picture Archive site.

Maps now have a dedicated page on the site at giving access to over 1,500 maps. 

Also published online to the London Picture Archive for the first time are the London County Council Bomb Damage Maps. LMA’s Digital Services team have digitally joined the 110 sheets to create a top-level index image, which users can zoom into for a detailed view of London’s streets.

Also added a selection of new maps, including Booth’s Descriptive Map of London Poverty, Jewish East London and created further index pages for key London maps including Horwood’s 1799 survey and Ogilby and Morgan’s 1676 survey  with more to come in the year ahead.

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  1. I love maps and still use them while navigating in our car. But nothing beats old Ordnance maps for genealogy searching. I’ve made copies of parts where my ancestry comes in, including where our surname derives.

    In the Museum in Gillilngham, North Dorset, an huge map from several centuries ago hangs on the back wall —and there is the spot from which our surname arose.

    I will check out the London Picture Archive.

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