Ambitious Plans for Society of Genealogists — reaching out

Moving from its crampled quarters in Clerkemwell has opened up thinking for The Society of Genealogists (SOG).

This article from History First starts with news that handwritten family trees containing names of a million and a quarter people from the medieval period onwards will be shared online.

The real news is found later. The idea is to make the new SOG headquarters not only a hub for family historians, but also the wider history community. 

“The new building is really going to be a destination for people,” said SOG CEO Wyporska, adding that new facilities might include a café and exhibition space and there would be a busy programme of on-site courses and events. “It’s putting the society back into society. I’m really looking forward to making this a really lively venue, as well as somewhere where you might be just sitting, having a cup of tea in between your research and overhear a conversation and your mind starts to work. And then you have a three-hour long chat.”

Historic family trees with 1.25m names to go online

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