Scotland, High Court Criminal Indexes, 1790-1919

Ancestry’s new Web: Scotland, High Court Criminal Indexes, 1790-1919 is an index-only collection made up of:

Records of criminal trials
Records of criminal appeals
Medical statements
Minute books
Paper evidence, such as shoe prints
Judicial opinions.

The original index data is from Scottish Indexes at

Records in the collection may include the name of the accused, charges against the accused, any known aliases, age, occupation, birthplace, physical description, names of family members, names of witnesses and names of court officials.

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  1. Interesting – I searched the original index at Scottish Indexes and had several hits for my husband’s ancestral surname…tried it in Ancestry and had 0 hits… Even using the info in at that original index, in various forms, I couldn’t make it work. Methinks Ancestry’s indexing failed big time on this one.

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