LAC/OPL get a redo from BIFHSGO

A presentation was just added to the schedule for the first session of the BIFHSGO conference on Wednesday, 28 September.

At the OGS conference, the Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada were given the opportunity to present on their new combined facility. They will now have an opportunity to present to the BIFHSGO audience.

Here’s how BIFHSGO describes the session.

The additional conference session will be an interactive discussion on a topic of great interest to genealogists and family historians, especially those in Canada. Reference Services Manager Julie Roy and Senior User Experience Designer Robyn Feres-Cameron from Library and Archives Canada, along with Library Planning Consultant Melissa Black from the Ottawa Public Library, will describe the draft plans for their new joint facility, named Ādisōke (Anishinaabemowin for “storytelling”). When the facility opens in 2026, the two institutions will provide their services to family history researchers in the same building.

The session, to be held on 28 September from 7 to 9 p.m., offers conference attendees an opportunity to contribute to “co-designing” these services by describing their ideal “service journey” through the new facility. The speakers will ask questions such as how users prepare for research, what they expect to see in research spaces, and what resources and help they need to support their projects. This welcome consultation should improve everyone’s Canadian research efforts in the future.

For details on the conference program and how to register, go to


It was unclear how the mundane responses to the mundane questions for audience participation at the OGS session, supposedly for “setting everyone up for success,” would contribute to planning genealogical services. I hope the BIFHSGO session builds on and not just repeats that.

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