Unknown First World War Canadian Soldier Identified

It’s a happy day when the identity of a previously unknown soldier killed in wartime is established.

This CWGC blog post covers the identification of British-born Company Sergeant-Major David George Parfitt who died at the Battle of Thiepval Ridge serving with the 8th Canadian Infantry Battalion.

Let’s celebrate that the official identification was made possible by the findings of an unidentified “independent researcher” three years ago who deserves more credit than the anonymous mention in paragraph six. He or she might wish to remain unnamed, but I hope the politicians who appended quotes to the blog post expressed a personal appreciation of the diligence and skill of that independent researcher. The opaque Casualty Identification Review Board process makes for a tough nut to crack.



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  1. Bravo to unnamed researcher. I thoroughly agree with you that his/her name and nationality should have been revealed …. at the least, as you say, a nod to the diligence and work of this person. Kurt Johnson, Renfrew, Ontario

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